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Welcome back to the Britesmith Brewers Blog! I hope this entry finds you all happy and healthy after the holiday season and ready for the new year ahead.

Speaking of new… We have a couple new and improved beers in the tanks and in the works for your enjoyment.

New Beer Releases:

Yet to be named IPA: Expected release by 1/21

  • A new IPA showcasing a new hop for us from a relatively new family of hops altogether, the Medusa multihead hop from the Neomexicanus hop family. This beer should give off plentiful aromas of tropical citrus and peach tones and will be a delightful showcase for this distinctly American native hop.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Stout: Release date TBD (because good things take time)

  • This is a big beer.. Not the biggest ever made but the biggest, thickest beer we’ve made. Made with figs, dates, molasses, lactose, and vanilla bean, this is a dessert pastry stout playing off the delectable dish from our kitchen. Clocking in north of 9%, this beer is a sipper and a warmer. Perfect for the cold days ahead. 

Second Anniversary Blonde Ale: Releasing Mid-February.

  • Our blonde ale celebrating our anniversary returns! “Twice Around The Sun” will build and expand off the malty goodness that was our OG anniversary ale. Toffee, caramel, and stone fruit notes prevail but this year, we’ve added the goodness of American oak. Expect vanilla and a subtle toastiness from the oak that should round this beer out nicely and give a fantastic bouquet on the nose. This beer should be north of 7% but it’s too early to tell exactly as it’s still bubbling away in the corner tank at the time of this post. So cross fingers and toes that the yeast keeps up its diligent work and delivers us an awesome beer!

Back On Tap: 

Millstone Wheat:

  • Our flagship Hefeweizen is back! Cloves and bananas abound, this year-round, quaffable wheat beer is back and is just as delicious as ever. 

Tapped Out: 

Gone but not forgotten…

Britesmith IPA

  • Our flagship IPA will make a comeback, I promise. I’ve just had the itch to try new things lately and we can’t have everything, all the time, right?

Events to visit us at:

Final Notes: 

In closing, thanks for taking a look at this fancy blog and reading my rants and musings. We’re working hard to bring to you the best beer we can and to keep your ever changing tastes satisfied with fresh new beers and experiments.

We are always trying to finagle ways to make more beer than the year prior in this humble little brewhouse. Thanks to a good friend and collaborator, Clay Keel of Keel Farms and Keel and Curley Winery in Plant City, Florida, we might just have some tricks up our sleeves to bring you more, better beer this summer.

Also, if you find yourself in Tampa, check out his place! He and his team do a phenomenal job down there all year round.

I feel the need to reiterate my thanks to:

  • Our team here for knocking it out of the park each and every day
  • Friends outside the company who are nice enough to knock my ideas back on track when things get busy here and become a bit scattered
  • YOU all for taking the time to read this and for following us on this ride.

Until the next pint, cheers!

Author Devin Erdmann

Hailing from the small town of South Dayton, NY, Devin Erdmann caught the home brewing bug shortly after graduating from SUNY Fredonia. Shortly after, he moved to Ellicottville, NY where he joined Ellicottville Brewing Company and played a key role in operating their 30 barrel and 60 barrel brewhouses. After 5 years of learning and helping the company scale their annual production volume by 10,000 bbls/yr, the time came to move on to a new challenge as Head Brewer at Britesmith Brewing,

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