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Welcome all, to the inaugural edition of the Britesmith Brewers Blog.

This occasional blurb is set to inform you of all things new and exciting as it relates to Britesmith beer and we all hope that you enjoy reading these entries as much as you enjoy your time with us shared over a pint! 

As 2021 winds down, we’re taking some time to step back from an incredible summer to get into some R&D.

We can’t wait to bring you some new and exciting (at least to us) brews. But first, we had to bring back a personal favorite of ours to get you through the winter….

New Beer Releases

Brite the Halls:

  • Our first Holiday Ale! A 7.5% Belgian dark ale, this beer pours a rich mahogany brown and brings notes of cinnamon, ginger, and honey to a traditionally aromatic base brought on through the use of Belgian Ale yeast. Sure to warm and spread cheer through our cold winter nights!

1811 Kolsch:

  • A style originating in Cologne, this light and (dare we say) crushable beer clocks in at 4.8% while coming across lightly bready and perfectly crisp on the palette. Made with two types of German malts and paired with the complimentary spice of German Noble hops, this beer is what we call a “Brewers Beer” or as they like to say “Beer that tastes like beer!”

Back On Tap

Mandatory Vacation:

  • A 6.3% IPA brewed with rye malt, mosaic hops, this IPA has made a reappearance just in time for all that “time off” we so desperately need this time of year. Citrus and pine forward thanks to the Mosaic and propelled onward by the subtle spice from the rye, this is a robust IPA that stands up to the Buffalo cold and snow but keeps itself approachable enough to come back to again and again… and again.

Tapped Out

Gone but not forgotten…

Dream Island Sour

  • Our passionfruit and mango sour has cheered our last customers for the year this past week but it will return! Look for this beer to make a reappearance when the weather becomes more tropical, or maybe when we all get cabin fever and need a dose of a beach vacation in a glass…

Millstone Wheat

  • Good things take time. In order to bring you all some new things in life, we’ve let this beer take a well deserved – but short break after summer. Look for this wonderful hefeweizen back on tap around the first of the year.

Final Notes

Finally, we’d like to thank you for an exceptional year here at the brewery. You all came out to support us through this last year and a half and we can’t express our gratitude enough.

From “take-out only” to late nights in the beer garden, you guys came out and came back. You are the reason we do what we do, and we all look forward to continuing to provide the best we have to offer.

So in closing and from all of us to you and yours, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Oh, and PS…

If you still need a gift for the beer lover in your life, please consider supporting our local trade guild (the WNY Brewers Guild) by picking up a logo’d NYS Pint Days Glass from the bar as a gift to pass along.

If you’re clever about it, our bartenders will even include a pint of your favorite brew with purchase – just be sure to wash the glass before gifting… We wouldn’t want you to get coal in your stocking next year…


Author Devin Erdmann

Hailing from the small town of South Dayton, NY, Devin Erdmann caught the home brewing bug shortly after graduating from SUNY Fredonia. Shortly after, he moved to Ellicottville, NY where he joined Ellicottville Brewing Company and played a key role in operating their 30 barrel and 60 barrel brewhouses. After 5 years of learning and helping the company scale their annual production volume by 10,000 bbls/yr, the time came to move on to a new challenge as Head Brewer at Britesmith Brewing,

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