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Craft Beers Forged Through Classic Technique & Creativity.

Our beers are made from quality ingredients, forged through creativity and classic technique. Focusing on balance and flavor to craft exceptional ales and lagers.

Flagship Beers

Briter Daze

American Pale Ale

Moderate bitterness, hints of floral, citrus, and pine from Centennial, Columbus, and Cascade hops (5.0%).

Will's Pils

German Pilsner, 4.2% ABV

Brewed with Noble German hops. Our Pilsner is clean and crisp with a hint of spice.

Billie Haze NEIPA

New England IPA, 5.5% ABV

Double dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo hops. Brewed with milk sugar and fresh pineapple puree.

Britesmith IPA

American India Pale Ale

Brewed with Centennial, Columbus & Simcoe hops 6.8%

Millstone Wheat

Millstone Wheat

Traditional Hefeweizen

Traditional Hefeweizen with notes of banana & clove (4.7%).

Rotating Offerings and Seasonals

Blind Squirrel

Brown Ale

Hazelnut, cascara cherry, & coffee

Iron Horse

Irish Red Ale

Ale brewed for the season bringing out biscuity malt flavors with a dry finish.

Britesmith Dunkle

Britesmith Dunkle

Dark Lager

Dark caramel coffee lager (5.7% ABV)

Additional Rotating Offerings & Seasonals

Watching Waterfalls

Smooth, citrus, unfiltered New England IPA (5.8%).

Raspberry Plum Sour

Fruited sour (5.5%).

Strawberry Mango Sour

Fruited sour (5.5%).

Dream Island Sour

Tart, fruity sour. Co-fermented with lacto bacillus and tart cherries. Slightly dry, tart, and refreshing (4.5%).

Smittys Brown

Brown ale (5.2%).

Creekside Cream ale

Clean light bodied with a dry finish, brewed with centennial and mandrina hops (5.3%).

Mandatory Vacation IPA

Session IPA (5.6%).

Left Bank DIPA

Imperial Double IPA (8%).

Mexican Lager

4.6% ABV

Dream Angels IPA

Hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic and Vic Secret hops. Notes of pine, tropical fruit, and citrus (5.7%).

So it Gose - Guava

Lightly sweet, dry, tart with hints of guava and passion fruit (4.5%).

Guest Beers

Minkey Boodle 7.0% ABV
Raspberry fruited sour.
Thin Man Brewery, Buffalo, NY

Nine Pin Cider 6.7%

Crisp apple cider
Nine Pin Ciderworks Albany, NY

Citmo 6.5%

NEIPA with Citra & Mosaic hops
Resurgence Brewing, Buffalo, NY

Unfurl the Brown and White 5.0%

Four Mile Brewing, Olean, NY

High Current 5.0%

Black cherry lemon seltzer
Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood, NY

Glutenberg 6.0%

Gluten free IPA
Brasseurs San Gluten, Montreal, Canada

Let Us Serve You A Cold One.

From innovative brews to our spirited staff, we’re moving the industry forward.  Let’s raise a glass to history and drink to the future.