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Behind Britesmith Brewing

How we've come to serve perfectly polished pints.

Located in an 1800’s blacksmith shop in Williamsville, NY, Britesmith Brewing takes its name from the subset of Blacksmiths known as “Brite Smiths”. Just as the “Brite Smiths” specialized in tin and pewter to perfect the shine and finish of metals, Britesmith Brewing specializes in delivering perfectly polished pints.

The Britesmith Experience

Crafting Innovative Beers.

While there are nods to the past throughout the brewery from the towering stainless-steel “Brite” tanks above the bar to the wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, Britesmith is crafting the perfect brewpub experience. From innovative brews to a spirited, knowledgeable staff, we’re all about moving the industry forward. So, let’s raise a glass to history and drink to the future.

Let Us Serve You A Cold One.

From innovative brews to our spirited staff, we’re moving the industry forward.  Let’s raise a glass to history and drink to the future.