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Food Truck Menu

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Korean Cheesesteak


braised short rib, kimchi, jalapeƱos, cucumbers, swiss american, scallion, sesame seeds,
sriracha lime aioli

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich


house made pickles, dill aioli, hard roll

Falafel Pocket


baked falafel, pickled red onions, black beans, tzatziki, napa cabbage slaw, wood fired pita

Meat Street Sandwich


mozzarella, house made Italian sausage, pancetta, charred pepperoni, arugula, pepperoni aioli, chili honey

Stuffed Banana Pepper Dip


served with crostini

Loaded Fries or Tots


beer cheese, bacon, scallion, sour cream



Tater Tots




Ice Cream Sandwich